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Wondering what Datacolor SpectraVision is all about? We put together this guide to get you up to speed on our latest instrument and how it’s changing color management for the retail and apparel industry.


What is SpectraVision?


Until now, digital color measurement for “unmeasurable” materials wasn’t an option. With SpectraVision, retailers and their suppliers can now objectively measure and digitally communicate the colors of prints, trims, yarn, laces and more.


Datacolor SpectraVision spectrophotometer


Can I have the more technical version, please?


Sure thing. Datacolor SpectraVision combines an advanced hyperspectral spectrophotometer with quality control software to measure, analyze, report, communicate and visualize accurate color results.













Why is digital color management important?


Even for well-trained color experts, the perception of a color can vary from person to person and even hour to hour. We all see color differently. If colors aren’t properly matched, the process starts all over again. Digital color management can cut costs and shorten the time it takes to get designs from concept to the consumers who are eager to buy them. And now it’s available for the “unmeasurables”.


Datacolor SpectraVision - Measure Prints, Trims, Laces, Yarn



Do you have a video about this?


We’re glad you asked!




How about a presentation about the importance of color management in the ever-evolving retail landscape?


That’s a very specific request, but as a matter of fact, we do.



Why start digitally measuring “unmeasurable” materials now?


Dustin Bowersox, our Market Manager for Textile and Apparel, has a few things to say about that. He wrote this post, which also includes a history lesson on color management for textiles.


Datacolor SpectraVision - measure prints, trims, laces, yarn and more


Can you tell me more about “unmeasurable” materials?


Absolutely. Here are 31 facts about patterns, lace, yarn and trim (“trim” includes zippers, buttons and more).



Can I meet the team at Datacolor who helped make Datacolor SpectraVision a reality?


There are too many of them to fit here, but we’d love to introduce you to two of them: Research Scientist Kate Edwards and Senior Optical Engineer Hong Wei.


Datacolor SpectraVision - measure prints, trims, yarn, laces and more


I’m definitely interested in SpectraVision. Do you have an eye-catching brochure with in-depth details (including technical specifications) that I can share with my team?


We do. You can find that here.



How about a calculator that can help me understand potential cost savings for my business?


We’ve built SpectraVision cost-savings calculators in four languages. Happy calculating!



You said this was an “ultimate guide,” but I want to know more!


We thought you might say that. Head this way to fill out a few pieces of information and a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a conversation. You can also request a quote here.


Datacolor SpectraVision - measure prints, trims, yarn, laces and more


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