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Meet Jeff Watts: Market Manager

At Datacolor, we understand that every customer is unique. One could even say our customers are comparable to – wait for it – colors!


Each color on the spectrum is different. Whether that contrast is huge, like the general distinction between black and yellow, or tiny, like the discrepancy between ‘rose pink’ or ‘watermelon pink’ – there are still differences!


Similarly, our customers, even if they are in the same field, can have very distinctive needs. So how do we pinpoint what products best suit individual customers and address their particular concerns?


That’s where Market Manager Jeff Watts takes up the mantle. On the paint, coatings and plastics side of our business, he is a client-driven one-man-show of strategic direction. We appreciate the technical expertise that Jeff provides, and are happy to highlight him and his contributions to the team in this edition of “Meet the Experts”!


Location: America’s 12th official state, North Carolina
Favorite color: BlueEducational Background: Western Illinois University, home of Rocky the Bulldog – the Fighting Leathernecks’ mascot since 1958!Favorite hobbies: Boating, fishing, and diving 

How were you introduced to Datacolor? : “I was first acquainted with Datacolor years ago while I was working for INX International – the third largest producer of ink in all of North America.”


Jeff’s Story at Datacolor


It was Julius Caesar who first said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” And Jeff certainly has learned plenty through his decades of experience in the color industry!


After first being introduced to the trade in the early ’80s, Jeff became part of the Datacolor family in 1994. He spent 16 years with us as an Applications Manager before deciding to gain additional exposure to the industry at both Dunn-Edwards Corporation and Valspar. He returned to us with new, far-reaching expertise last year to maintain the roll of Market Manager – a position that aims to build the ideal strategy for Datacolor’s products, as well as determine the best ways to help our customers succeed. He provides the market direction for some of our largest retail paint customers, and has some impressive perceptions as to the future of those clients. When asked how our customers will change and improve in the world of tomorrow, Jeff told us he believes:


  • Customers will move more progressively into the world of automation. It takes the guesswork out of the picture, and provides the most accurate results.
  • The need to wet-match every formula in order to ensure accuracy will be greatly diminished over time, due to increasing intelligent systems and technology.
  • Software as a Service (Saas) will become predominant. This web-based method of software delivery will allow data to be accessed anywhere, as long as there is a connection to the Internet. The attraction to this model is found in it’s ability to reduce costly on-premise hardware required for most software-hosting.
  • Customers will become more attracted to the financial savings that technology provides.


In his tenure as Market Manager, Jeff has provided extensive account management experience and solutions, and we cannot wait to see how his resourcefulness and ingenuity help our clients reach their goals.


Jeff’s Advice for Color Professionals


No department is perfect – which means there is always room for improvement! Here are Jeff’s suggestions on how you can get the maximum return on investment in your own line of work:


  • Maintain lab etiquette
  • Establish a repeatable process
  • Develop a “Color Eye” – AKA train your color perception
  • Do your homework on your everyday equipment
  • Standardize your procedures




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